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Charlap Hyman & Herrero May Just Be the Next Big Thing


Design trio Charlap Hyman & Herrero continues down the path to greatness with its first collection of rugs, wallpapers, and fabrics


When the design studio Charlap Hyman & Herrero approached Patterson Flynn Martin last year, all they had in mind was a single rug for a residential project. But Dara Caponigro—creative director of F. Schumacher & Co., the carpet company’s parent brand—loved the young firm’s energy and asked for more. What was originally meant to be a capsule collection quickly expanded into seven rugs and seven wallpaper patterns, three available as fabrics. “We got to do so many things,” exclaims Adam Charlap Hyman, who cofounded the interdisciplinary studio with Andre Herrero in 2014. (Adam’s younger brother, Alexander, joined their ranks a year later.) Adds Adam, still in a state of disbelief: “It was crazy.”

We’d call it shrewd on Schu­macher’s part. Wise beyond their 20-something years, Adam, Andre, and Alexander have quickly found themselves on the fast track to success, eschewing Pinterest design tropes in favor of a deeply scholarly approach. Indeed, embedded among the firm’s playful new fabrics are a range of historical references. Intertwining snakes reinterpret 17th-century drawings by Albertus Seba. Clouds and arrows nod to Gio Ponti ceramics, pinned insect specimens to Carlo Mollino. And pigeons pay homage to the wallpaper that Adam noticed in portraits of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. The firm’s woven-abaca carpets for Patterson Flynn Martin, meanwhile, take inspiration from Alexander Calder tapestries, albeit incorporating bold figurative imagery—astrological symbols, more snakes and arrows, a crocodile. “This is only a fraction of what we were thinking about,” says Adam, noting that his mother, the artist Pilar Almon, collaborated on the myriad motifs. “Our ideas come from all different places.”

Oyster Bay Arbor Hills Upholstered Bed


David Huckabee

David Huckabee

David HuckabeeDavid Huckabee

David Huckabee has always been enamored with the prospect of designing homes for a living and, when he was younger, he planned to study architecture. At the age of 24, he chose a slightly different path. Thirty-five years later, he has no regrets about his decision to help create comfortable and beautiful living spaces as an interior designer.

David, who has been with Southeastern Galleries for 16 years, pointed out that the most important aspect of his job is to ascertain exactly what his clients want. And, he says, there’s only one way to figure that out.

“You listen. You pay attention. You go out to their home and see how they live and what they like,” he explained. David Huckabee

He added that he does a large amount of repeat business, and earns referrals from many of his clients because, “I really give it my all. I always give it that little extra. That’s why people remember you,” he says. “My whole goal when I design a room or a whole house is when you come home and put that key in the door, you feel like there’s no place else you’d rather be.”

David says he enjoys every aspect of his job, but accessorizing and adding the finishing touches bring him the most professional satisfaction.

“You can have the nicest furniture in the world, but until you accessorize, it just doesn’t have that personality,” he says.

IMG_9092Always one to go the extra mile for his clients, David pointed out that even though Southeastern Galleries carries a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs and accessories, he also helps his clients with finishes, granite, tile and cabinets, helping them choose these options so it “all has the right flow.”

Much of David’s business is from clients who have benefited from his expertise and his experience in the past. For example, over a period of about 15 years, he has designed four different homes owned by the same family – one in Florida, another in the mountains and two more in the Charleston area.

Sometimes, he says, top-of-the-line customer service takes a while to pay off. He mentioned one Sullivan’s Island resident who came to him around six years ago in search of draperies and a sofa. He went to her house, developed a floor plan and then didn’t hear from her for three years, at which point she called and says she was ready to have the work done. Now he’s providing her with additional interior design services.

IMG_1805A Lowcountry native, David graduated from James Island High School and attended the College of Charleston. In his spare time, he helps care for two special needs cousins, rides his bike and works in his yard in West Ashley, “which is like therapy for me,” he says.

And then there’s the Southeastern Galleries Christmas tree. For years, he’s been decorating a 10-foot, live tree from the same New York-based farm, which sets up shop in the Lowcountry starting in November.

“It’s my gift to the store,” he says, explaining that he started the tradition during the few years when he was taking a break from interior design and was responsible for setting up the showroom and keeping it looking fresh. “Now it’s become a tradition.”


Courtney Jacob Harmon


Courtney S

Courtney Jacob Harmon

Courtney Jacob Harmon is a welcomed addition to the team at Southeastern Galleries. While Courtney is a native of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, she cannot imagine a more opportune location for her family and career than Charleston.  

Courtney graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Interior Design. Over the next several years Courtney would further develop her expertise in full scale design services while in Greenville and Charleston.

southeastern galleriesHaving joined Southeastern Galleries two years ago, for Courtney it was second nature connecting with a company that was family owned and operated. “I appreciate the strong sense of family value. As a mom to a young son with a husband wrapping up medical school at MUSC, I am able to balance my career with my home life.”  

Growing up in Ponte Vedra Beach, Courtney was heavily influenced by the communities’ renowned affluence in resort living. Courtney is incredibly comfortable at mixing exclusive building materials for kitchen and baths, while appreciating the need not only for versatility but durability in textiles as well. With Courtney’s unique approach to interiors, she has been able to specialize in creating a conglomerate of high fashion and performance.

southeastern galleriesWhile Courtney excels in any arena or style of design, she most personally identifies with Chinese Chippendale styling, though modernized with a fresh color pallet and more contemporary upholstery. “I love taking that family heirloom, or piece with such sentimental value to a client, and giving it new life in an updated space. When I can create a space that is a comfort to my client, that is the most amazing feeling in the world,” she says.  

Courtney is able to bring to fruition every clients ideal sense of editorial design while discerning client’s specific lifestyle needs. When she’s not making a client’s house a home, she is enjoying time with her family. As Courtney would suggest “A well-designed room is special, the people inside the home are what really matter.”


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