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southeastern galleries

southeastern galleries

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Karastan 90th Sale


Sherrill Red Leather Sofa


Sherrill Furniture- From our Hands to Your Home.

Sherrill Furniture “puts a priority on designing & constructing frame styles that not only meet the demands of today but that will remain timeless.” Check out their gorgeous red leather sofa now in our showroom! Drop by today to make this piece a part of your home.


Brittany Bowser


Brittany Bowser

Brittany Bowser Brings an Artist’s Eye to Design

Born and raised in the Upstate to an artistic family, Brittany Bowser at first thought she wanted her life to go in a different direction. But a single architectural history course in college reignited her passion for design. The experience inspired her to change majors, schools and cities, graduating in 2010 from the Art Institute of Charleston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. After a stint in Greenville working for a design firm, the powerful call of Charleston brought Brittany back to the city she loves.

The Holy City’s varied design realm inspires Brittany, from the 18th century reproductions of the peninsula to the industrial clean whites of Sullivan’s Island to the warm golds and contemporary-traditional stylings of Kiawah. Brittany particularly loves making a space work for a client’s unique needs, often by incorporating family heirlooms and living habits into the room. She excels at pulling a family’s emotions into a space they are going to occupy for years to come.

Brittany Bowser

Clients laud Brittany’s attention to detail, her passion for beautiful yet functional designs, and her ability to work closely with them to solve problems and create a home in harmony with their personal style. Brittany counts many clients among her friends, and considers the relationships she develops with them among the joys of her work.

Brittany’s love of art extends to her personal life. An avid creator, she paints, crafts, arranges flowers and generally dabbles in making beautiful things. Recently, she has taken up wood turning, carving out creations on a lathe in Mt. Pleasant. Friends and family delight in receiving very personal and beautiful pieces of art for birthdays and other special occasions that Brittany has fashioned herself.

When she isn’t designing interiors or creating beautiful things, Brittany is outside enjoying nature’s gorgeous bounty. She plays on a kickball team, runs, bikes, kayaks the Ashley River and has recently taken up golf, a skill she is developing with the same persistence and attention to detail she brings to her work.
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Painted Bedside Chest from Theodore Alexander


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