Randolph Cooper, a Charleston native, had a very early interest in design. Being of the fourth generation of the Southeastern Galleries family, he was familiarized with the rewarding experience of helping the families of the Southeast complete their homes. He was inspired most of all by the influence of his great-grandparents, and he endeavors to continue their legacy. He hopes to model himself after his grandparents, in particular their humility, as well as their commitment to the Catholic Church, family and community.

Randolph studied at the college of Charleston, as well as abroad. In Randolph’s world travels he has been inspired by aesthetics of European and Micronesian design. While being exposed to foreign cultures, he only continued to grow in his appreciation for the uniqueness of Charleston. When not at work he can be found on the water, sailing or cruising the harbor with cocktails. Randolph pours himself into local events, enjoying Spoleto, Charleston Wildlife and Food and Wine.

Randolph’s favorite aspect of working at Southeastern Galleries is working hands on with clients, who quickly transition from acquaintances to friends. Randolph approaches each new project with wonderful enthusiasm and vigor. He has worked all over the coast, from Kiawah, to downtown, to Edisto. He feels no job is too big or too small, whether it is searching for the perfect end table to complete the nearly finished room or working from the clients floor plans from the ground up.

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