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Shelly Alley

Shelly Alley does believe that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” however, she is very much aware that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Therefore if she can understand her client’s concept of what beauty is, and help them create a beautiful home it makes her day!

Shelly’s design background started early, being raised in a Neoclassic design mockingbird plantation home, among 18th century furnishings. In addition to her rich exposure to great architecture and furnishings early on, a classic fashion apparel career further enhanced her background and then doing a stint in advertising before finally finding her true passion for interior design.

Asked once why she worked so hard to perfect the details, she said “I love people and am most happy and fulfilled when I can make that client happy. They will probably become friends, so if I have to work a little more on the details it is ok. Sometimes that is what makes the job just right for most customers.”

If you would like a relaxed and enjoyable furnishing experience, Shelly is as close as your telephone.

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