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Two-and-a-half years ago, Jill and Mike MacDonald moved into their home at Kiawah, an oceanfront residence where they can relax indoors and outdoors and enjoy being surrounded by family when their children and grandchildren visit. Despite its size — 7,100 square feet — it’s a comfortable home, in large part a result of the collaborative efforts of their interior designer, architect and builder who helped them create the home of their dreams. They will open it to the entire community from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. April 5th as one of five houses on the Kiawah Art & House Tour, an annual event that raises funds for The Gibbes Museum of Art and other local organizations.

Dinner room imageThe architect for the eight-bedroom home was Marshall Driver with Royal Indigo Construction serving as builder. Jill MacDonald says they worked together with interior designer Trudie Krawcheck of Southeastern Galleries, “the first interior decorator who understood what it was like to have children and grandchildren. The others didn’t understand that I wanted casual elegance,” she says, pointing out that she and her husband have built five other homes, two in Milwaukee andone each in Minnesota, Chicago and Kiawah. “Trudie’s extremely talented, and a great listener, but when she feels strongly about something, she’ll stand by it.”

One of the grandkids’ bedroom stands as a perfect example of the synergy that existed between Krawcheck and the MacDonald’s. The contractor disagreed with a decision to paint the ceiling a different color than the walls but finally relented.

“This house is a showstopper,” Krawcheck says, giving Jill credit for being fully involved and ensuring that all aspects of the job stayed on course. Jill is equally complimentary saying she has built six houses with four different decorators and Trudie’s in a league of her own.

Krawcheck adds, “the most rewarding part was that the architect, builders and I really worked as a team to help the MacDonalds realize the dream house they had envisioned for their children and grandchildren. Everybody left their egos at the door and listened to the homeowner.”

In addition to helping them choose paint colors, Krawcheck also helped pick window treatments, blinds and accessories, as well as furniture, for use both inside and outside the house.

“Since we are on the ocean, there’s lots of salt air. The furniture Trudie helped us choose can withstand that weather,” MacDonald says, adding that Krawcheck’s most important attribute as an interior designer is her ability to listen. “She gave us choices. She didn’t tell us what we should buy. Instead, she provided options and asked us what groupings we liked best.”

Design of bedroom

In the end, the MacDonald’s got the home they wanted — a place where they can entertain friends or invite the entire community in for a visit for four hours onApril 5th — or just hang out with their children and five grandchildren, ages four through eleven.

About the house, Krawcheck concludes, “it’s livable and provides so much joy because their children and grandchildren love it, too.” Want to see for yourself? For ticket sales and information, visit https://kiawahartsetc.org/art-house-tour/. Don’t miss your chance to see this and other showstoppers while supporting worthy organizations.

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